Partners In Dental Health is a mercury free dental practice

Our offices in Virginia Beach and Norfolk are holistic and use materials that are biocompatible, resilient and beautiful.  We do not use amalgam fillings and strive to protect people and the environment from exposure to mercury.

Safe dental amalgam removal is necessary for society

Amalgam or Silver fillings contain as much as 50% mercury.  Mercury is mixed with other metals such as silver, tin, and or copper to make amalgam fillings.  It is not molecularly combined.  Since mercury in amalgam is not bonded to the other metals, it is considered “free mercury” and will vaporize, leaving the filling as a vapor and could enter your body.

What is an amalgam filling

The safe removal of dental amalgam fillings is performed for the benefit of the patient with existing amalgams that need to be removed.  Special protocols set by the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT) are followed at Partners In Dental Health to protect our patients from exposure to metals including mercury.

Safe amalgam remove also protects the dental assistants and dentists in the office from exposure to mercury vapor.  Special water traps also collect metals including mercury from leaching into the water supply which could hinder the entire community.

Specially designed high-speed suction; one that fits over the tooth and one that goes in the mouth.

Copious amounts of water are sprayed on the tooth during the removal to keep the temperature down to minimize mercury vaporization.  Mercury vaporizes at room temperature, so the cooler we can keep the area, the better.

The amalgam filling is removed in sections to minimize grinding.

A high speed air evacuation filter is used to ensure the elimination of mercury vapor form the air in the room.

A nasal breathing mask for the patient provides clean oxygen away from the mouth.

Vinyl rubber dam is used when possible to surround the tooth being treated.

Patients eyes are protected with safety glasses.

Dentist uses visual magnification to ensure all mercury and decay is removed.