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Holistic or Biological Dentistry is an emerging new field which has been developing in the United States for the last 25 years and in Germany for over the last 45 years and is being taught and practiced in many parts of the globe.  It is the dentistry of the future.  Holistic dentistry is the practice in the belief that there are energy meridians in the body.  The teeth are energetically connected to the rest of the body through the energy meridians rather than being separate parts.  It is the belief that dental therapies, materials, and procedures can affect the whole body including organs, organ systems, and tissues.  It is concerned with providing treatment and therapies that cause the least disturbance to the immune system.

Goals of the Holistic Dentist

1. Identify areas that need treatment

2.Provide treatment to individuals that will not create any additional health challenges

3.Bringing the mouth to a healthy and functional state

Three Modalities of Holistic Dentistry

Preventative and Conservative Treatment

Biocompatible Materials

Holistic Techniques and Procedures

Questions about Holistic Dentistry

Questions About Holistic Dentistry

Q. I understand that when a silver-mercury filling is removed, mercury vapor is expelled and can be toxic to me.  What do you do to protect me?

A. A protocol was designed by the IAOMT to provide protection for the patient having a mercury based filling removed.  This protocol is followed in our office to prevent mercury exposure to our patients and office staff.  see amalgam removal procedure.

Q.  What do you use in place of silver -mercury fillings?

A. There are many alternatives to silver mercury fillings.  A composite-resin material that is BPA free can be used.

Q. I am sensitive or allergic to many things.  Is there a way of testing to see if I am sensitive to your composite?

A. A composite-resin material is composed of tiny particles of porcelain mixed with a matrix of resin.  It is tooth colored and is bonded directly to the enamel tooth structure.  The composite used in our office has been tested for bio-compatibility and has been found to be compatible with 98% of the population.

Q. I am sensitive or allergic to many things.  Is there a way of testing to see if I am sensitive to any material used in the mouth?

A. Yes, there is a blood test that can be done to test if there is any sensitivity.   Another test using kinesiology can be performed in the office that has proven to be quite accurate.  more about holistic testing

Q. What if I am suffering from a chronic illness, can you still do dental treatment?

A. If you have a chronic illness, it is important that you are under the care of a physician.   We have a couple of alternative medicine healthcare practitioners and physicians that we refer to and consult with.  These practitioners can help you to restore your health and chelate your body to rid it of mercury and any heavy metals if they deem it necessary.