Vitamin C post mercury filling removal

Vitamin C post mercury filling removal

There are a lot of benefits to Vitamin C, a safe antioxidant for all age groups.

For example it is an important factor in the healing of wounds and formation of teeth.

It is a basic constituent of collagen, a cement like glue, that literally holds the body cells together.

It is a safe detoxifier.

It has been shown to be effective in treating the common cold at the proper doses of Vitamin C (Dr Linus Pauling).

Studies have shown there is a connection between vitamin C intake and a person’s ability to maintain a proper level of blood sugar (glucose)

Vitamin C promotes the integrity and strength of capillary walls and helps prevent a person from bruising easily.

The International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology ( includes in their protocol the use of Vitamin C after mercury filling removal because of its detoxifying qualities.

The more toxic our environment, the more we need vitamin C, especially of persons who smoke or live and work in highly polluted areas.

Vitamin C, however, is the most perishable of all vitamins.  Cleaning, slicing, cooking, peeling and boiling of fruits and vegetables promote loss. Other contributors to loss are air, sun, water and a prolonged storage.  Experts agree it is practically impossible to get too much vitamin C. Vitamin C is water soluble and the body loses it quickly. Any excess is simply washed away in the urine.

It is important to get adequate amounts daily of Vitamin C since the body cannot store it. Many nutritionists recommend a daily amount of

Following mercury removal a comprehensive heavy metal cleansing program should include, 3000 mg of Vitamin C for 3 days. If you are suffering from a cold or flu, 1-2000mg daily is recommended.

A high quality chelating system should follow that removes heavy metals that collect in your organs or intestinal tissue.  Heavy Metal Max is the easiest high quality system.