Wooden Teeth or Whiter Teeth

Wooden Teeth or Whiter Teeth

If you have teeth with terrible stains or brown teeth or even if you had stains from a medicine you took when you were younger and have not been able to find a way that is affordable or noninvasive then you need KOR Whitening.

The KOR Whitening system takes the uncertainty out of removing stains from your teeth.

There are a lot of products out there to bleach your teeth but which one is worth it and will it work?  Will my teeth be really sensitive?  Worse, will bleaching my teeth, damage my teeth?

KOR Whitening products were developed by a dentist with an innovative approach to the chemistry of Peroxide to overcome previous technique mistakes.

Its simple:  Get a specialized well fit bleaching tray that prevents any saliva from touching the Peroxide.

Use a high quality Peroxide that is safe for the mouth and will last a long time.

Use an effective desensitizer to protect and enhance the bleaching process.


Here is an example of KOR Bleaching on a patient with Tetracycline stains.

Bleaching your teeth is safe and will not damage your teeth.  The process is simply removing microscopic stain particles from the slightly larger pores in your teeth.  The structure of the tooth is maintained and unchanged.

Would you like a whiter smile?