What is Biocompatible?

Dentistry has come across Biocompatible dental materials that are very strong and long lasting. Material that will preserve tooth and last long in the harsh oral environment.  One is called Zirconium Oxide.  Lets compare other Biocompatible materials that are used in patients mouths.


Composite resin is a biocompatible material that is commonly used as a filling material and even reconstructing a tooth or creating crowns with the resin.  This has a compressive strength of 250 -300 Mpa.


Porcelain is a Biocompatible material that is stronger then composite resin and can be used for indirect procedures, such as Crowns or Large fillings that require making an impression of the tooth.  They have a flexural strength of about 400 Mpa.


Zirconium oxide is a Biocompatible ceramic material that is stronger then Porcelain and can be used for Crowns. They have a flexural strength of 1200 -1400 Mpa.  They cause less wear to the opposing teeth then porcelain ceramic material, yet are not as natural looking for front teeth.


Your natural back teeth that grind and help you chew can generate up to 1000 psi  and over time natural teeth can break or crack.  Below is a link comparing convention porcelain fused to metal crown to the newer Zirconium crowns.