How to Prevent Baby Cavities

Did you know that children can get a cavity as soon as their first tooth arrives?
It is never too early to start looking after your child’s oral health. Even before your child has their first tooth, it is important to begin good oral hygiene habits. Plaque grows in a child’s mouth even before they have teeth. The bacteria found in plaque can lead to the development of Early Childood Tooth Decay (also known as Early Childhood Caries or ECC or Baby Bottle Tooth Decay), so it is important to remove plaque from the child’s mouth daily.

How to Clean Your Baby’s Mouth

  • Be prepared! Have a soft, wet cloth (gauze) or facecloth right beside you.
  • Hold the child in your arms. Wrap the damp cloth or gauze around your pointer (index) finger.
  • Gently wipe the child’s gums from back to front, rubbing them and taking away any leftover milk or formula.
  • A small wet and soft toothbrush can be used as soon as teeth begin to appear in the child’s mouth.