Is whitening teeth safe?

Whitening teeth can be done safely and effectively

Get Wow results with deep bleaching that is safe and long lasting.  Our Dentists are experts at whitening even the darkest teeth.  A natural white smile can shave years off your appearance and can be done painlessly.  See more results.

Did you know that?

Whitening teeth does not weaken or make teeth more brittle, It actually helps prevent cavities as well as whiten teeth.

Teeth Whitening

Whitening Before Weddings

At Partners In Dental Health we can provide same day whitening procedure that will guarantee a 3-4 shade whiter teeth change.   If you or someone you know needs this procedure then check out our KOR whitening procedure and call to schedule.

Coffee, Tea, Wine oh My

Getting rid of years of coffee, tea or wine stain are possible with a safe non invasive deep whitening procedure.  We provide the correct way to safely Whiten the tough deep stains with KOR whitening procedures.

Fluorosis and TetraCycline Stains

With KOR whitening we offer a conservative extensive procedure to whitening Deep intrinsic stains from Fluorsis and Tetracycline stains.  Avoid costly Crowns or Veneers with this whitening system that can change your smile.

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