Preventative Dentistry is Painless Dentistry

Preventative Dentistry is Painless Dentistry

The daily life of a modern tooth is very Stressful.  It and its brothers and sisters have to withstand grinding and tearing periodically throughout the day.  A constant companion is the small bacteria keeping our tooth company.  And don’t forget about the acidic baths from most common drinks that wash over them daily.

What are we to do to protect our teeth?  Obviously brushing and flossing is enough, but is it?

Why is it that the sides of some peoples teeth have worn away?  Is it because you brush too hard.

Our teeth are composed of the same things, collagen, calcium, water.  But the outer surface is always changing, due to the interaction of those things we put in our mouths and on our teeth.

Some of the basic ways to help that interchange to our teeth’s favor are to supply them with what they are made of.  Water and calcium.  The teeth along the smooth surfaces will suck up the nutrients it needs like a sponge.  Water can also help to raise the acidity level and decrease the loss of calcium from the tooth.

A topical calcium supplement that is more effective then calcium floating in your saliva is one that is stuck to your teeth for many hours of the night.

Delivery Methods:


MI Paste: Paste with RECALDENT™ CPP-ACP, natural milk product.  Paste wiped in teeth and sticks to teeth like varnish. Most natural approach.

MI Paste + : Paste with RECALDENT™ CPP-ACP and sodium fluoride 900 ppm.  Applied same as MI Paste.

Not everyone would need a topical calcium supplement.  But most would benefit from the MI Paste.  Normal abuse can be protected by a natural approach.

Then there are the few of us with very “soft” teeth who could benefit from something stronger, Clinpro 5000.

At Partners In Dental Health we realize every persons situation is different and a custom assessment of your needs is provided.  We can direct and prescribe the right thing for you.